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Pet Pictures

We obviously love pets at Pemi Cabins. We invite you to send us your pictures and we will try to post them here for you. We especially like pictures of your pets here at Pemi Cabins. We have just started this page, but look forward to adding more pictures as they arrive. Don't forget to visit our Pet Information page, so you will be prepared when bringing your pet on vacation with us.
Lucy was born June 17, 1994, she enjoyed coming up to the cabins for the last four years. She loved to eat french fries as part of our traditional stop on the way up to the Pemi. She also enjoyed hiking very much, she would always walk between myself and Nancy. She was able to do a couple of the 4000 footers and she loved all the attention she received from all of the other guests at the Pemi. If she wasn't curled up on the couch inside the cabin she loved to be a hanger outer dog watching the cars and motorcycles drive by on the nice peaceful afternoon.

 Lucy fought a blood disease 6 years ago only to succumb to cancer after fighting a courageous battle. She will be sadly missed by her family, Dean, Nancy and Duffy. Also, Rick, Brianna, Nathaniel, Cody, Merlin and I as well as many guest who have met her on her many frequent visits here to the Pemi Cabins. Lucy and Duffy are our most frequent visitors here and they are more like family than guests....



Merlin is the newest member of the Caston Family. We adopted him from Alabama about 8 weeks ago. He is about 9-10 months old and a wonderful dog. We just love him!

CC  birthday is 03/20/2006 Dadís name is Jenís Prince Red Baron Mom name Tenaís Black Majic Baby. As you can see by CC beautiful picture CC looks like her Dad, sheís a red head and as feisty as they come. She is smaller than Maggie but she runs the house (talk about alfa) Sheís quite a character and you should see the antics. I love just watching her interact with people.  Once she knows you youíre her friend for live.

Maggie Ming birthday is 7/28/06 Dadís name is Kaleidoscope Fletcher Momís name is Kaleidoscope Shangri-la

As you can see sheís white and peach and she is a peach sheís a lover. Maggie loves to kiss and hug. She will snuggle with you and stare into the flame of the fireplace. Maybe she got that from her kaleidoscope parents. These Pekingese (our girls) are small loving companions, obedient and gentle. They look forward to their weekends at the Pemi cottages, they travel with us as much as possible and are so happy to have a great place to come and play on the weekends. We take them hiking up into the woods behind the cottages, they love the snow and will follow along while we snow shoe, most of the time the snow is deeper than they are tall. t didnít take the girls long to fall in love with their home a way from home the Pemi




This is Ben, an adorable Basset Hound who owners are Marc and Cheryl.

The Mossey Family enjoying the fall season here with Maggie and Venice. Venice as you will notice is a Prince and Maggie is the sweetest Princess.                                   

We just loved the costumes, maybe we will start a new Halloween Tradition this year with the best pet costumes!


Abbey (on the left) was born on June 8, 2006 and Tia was born on July, 23, 2007. They are the proud owners of the Hills!
Sami's mommy here,  I wasn't sure what you wanted for info of her, but she is a five year old Yorkie.  She has been to the Pemi Cabins 4 times now. Sami is a very affectionate and happy  girl.  She loves running in the woods and chasing squirrels.  Going to the  White Mountains and staying at Pemi is one of her favorites places to visit.  On her first trip,  she scared off a bear that had roamed up on the front porch of our cabin. 



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