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Pet Policy



Pet Fees

$15.00 Per Pet Per Night + tax For Pets up to 90lbs.

• Please leash your pets at all times.

• All of our furry guests are to be registered, no exceptions.

• If your pet is used to sleeping in a crate, please bring it with you. They are much more comfortable sleeping in their house.

• We do allow you to leave your pet in your cabin while you are enjoying the area but we must have a cell phone number on file. Unfortunately, if your phone does not have service you may not leave your pet.

When leaving your Pet : Close all windows, curtains and or blinds and turn your TV on to a station you would normally listen to at home. No Animal Planet, we have found that it can cause pets to bark and howl. Also, please move any chairs away from the windows.

• Please do not allow your pets to go into the flower beds, their feet and urine will ruin them.

• Some people have not been picking up after their pet on our & our neighbors property. The town of Lincoln has a $250.00 fine for pet owners who do not pick up after their pet, please be respectful to our neighbors and pick up after your pet. Please do not walk your pets at Whales Tale Water Park. If you do not pick up after your pet there will be an additional charge and your pet will not be welcome back to the cabins. Near the white shed, behind the office is a garbage can along the walk way, just for pet waste only.

We ask that you do not tie you pet up anywhere on the property, some of our guests are afraid of our furry friends.

• We ask that you try to keep your pets singing voice to a whisper as not to disturb other guests.

• We have special pet towels for your pets in the office, please do not use the bath towels in the bathroom.

• We have a lot of supplies in the office if your pet has an accident, please ask for them, we appreciate you not using the cabins linens for such messes.

• Pet owners are responsible for any damages to the property. Materials, labor and loss of renting the cabin during repairs will be charged.